Tips For Lasting Until She is Satisfied

Satisfying a woman in bed is an art that most men have mastered. However, it gets tricky since for men, getting an erection is more of a psychological thing. Unlike with women, they need physical stimulation to get ready for sex. Also, when it comes to satisfying her, you should understand that still, women take longer to orgasm. Thus, you need to perfect your romance skills to please her sexually. Below are tips that will help you stay hard long enough to satisfy your partner.

Exercise your Kegel muscles

Kegel’s muscles are the muscles in the urinary tract that you use to hold your urine back. You must exercise your Kegel muscles often. Every time you wee, try to hold it back then release, little by little. Also, flex the muscles by making an up and down erection. By this, during intercourse, you will be able to hold back the cum while you orgasm. You will still climax, but you will not ejaculate. This will help you to keep thrusting until when your lady has climaxed. You can then release your load consciously once you know she is satisfied.

Give foreplay ample time

Foreplay is an essential aspect before the sexual experience. You must make her ready by cuddling and fondling her passionately. For most women, it is possible to climax during intense foreplay. Thus, spending some quality time to turn her on quickens her arousal and consequently lessens her time to orgasm. Also, foreplay lowers your sexual excitement. When you engage in sex without foreplay, you are too anxious, and the only thing that hits your mind is how you will blow your load. Upon penetration, you will not last a minute without frustrating your lady. Thus, it is important that your pleasure her first through tonguing, fingering and sucking. By this, while you get to the act, she won’t take long before she orgasms.

Pull and squeeze

While in the act, when you realize you are about to ejaculate. Pull your dick out and squeeze the head with your forefingers. Press for about five seconds. By this, you ward off the feeling of anxiety, and the ejaculating sensation goes. You still retain your erection, and once you are comfortable again, you can make another penetration and multiple thrusts. Keep withdrawing to prevent coming that fast. At last, you will last long enough to watch her squirt or even orgasm intimately.

Sex is a mutual thing. Thus, it will be good if you mutually trend the path together to reach the climax.

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